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Coach June



June Ahern completed her 

Coaching Training Program  

at the Coaches Institute,

 San Rafael, California in 1999. 

She then founded SF Coaching. 

June enjoyed a highly successful profession as an internationally 

known psychic medium. She now 

brings her advanced knowledge and expertise in this area to coach clients  to  successfully achieve personal and professional goals. 

Clients will gain a clear understanding of how June's coaching formula develops 

their goals   and intuitive abilities to make the right decisions for 

a fulfilling life. 

June has authored four books and

 is a professional speaker.  She enjoys lecturing and teaching metaphysical subjects such as ESP Development, the tarot and the alchemy of coaching.

June appears in several YouTube  documentary videos on the “The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigations with June Ahern" and "June Ahern's Books and Inspirations" an  introduction to her books. June is writing a sequel to her most popular novel, "The Skye in June"

Contact June at sfcoaching@yahoo.com Review her books, videos and blog, at www.juneahern.com

SF Coaching & Consulting



SF Coaching helps clients 

to discover their unique 

talents and abilities so they 

can experience the joy of a creative and fulfilling life. 


SF Coaching clients empowered 

with clarity of purpose successfully fulfill goals reflective of their values and uniqueness and contribute their experiences positively within their 

community and worldwide. 





Coach Sherry


Sherry Davis completed a twelve week workshop through SF Coaching and discovered her desire to become a Life Coach. Sherry continued her coaching education through The Life Coach Institute of Orange County and became a Certified Professional Life Coach in January, 2014.  

Sherry's unique coaching style helps clients to experience the joy and financial freedom to do what they love while achieving personal and professional goals. 

Coach Sherry's unique ability is to combine her knowledge and experience along with her intuitive insights to support her clients in their personal growth and professional development.

In addition to coaching, Sherry is a successful small business and Business Consultant. Sherry is also a certified QiGong Instructor, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer and certified Tarot Card Reader.   

Workshops & Services

Support the Journey

For Businesses , Groups or Individuals

Custom Workshops Upon Request

Career, Health, Wellness & Purpose

Our Experience


As professionally trained and experienced Life Coaches, 

we will give you the skills and tools you need to attain 

your valued goals and find a renewed sense of self.  

The Steps


Step forward into a healthier, more fulfilling life. You are worth it!  We will provide you  with a solid plan and strategy to reach goals, with clarity of purpose. We will support as you move through uncertainties to success!


Tools You Need to Flourish at Life


SF Coaching wants to empower you to be your best in all aspects of life.  We provide proven,  friendly, and constructive advice to help you reach your full potential.

Take Control and Plan For The Future


SF Coaching will provide you 

with a road map reach your goals and to accomplish so much 

more in your life.

Prioritize Your Time and Relationships


Life can be stressful.  SF Coaching can give you the tools to maximize your personal and professional relationships  so you enjoy the 

life you deserve.



What Can a Life Coach Do For Me?

A life coach supports you in finding your path 

to fulfillment and helps you stay on it.  We make sure you stay motivated and on task, encouraging you toward reaching your long term goals.


What is My Commitment ?

Every client signs a commitment contract.  

The contract  is  set to fit the client's  

individual goals and plans. 


How Do I Start?

We begin with an introductory session.  This session 

gives us an idea of how we will best work together 

and what our next coaching steps will be.